-By John Carpenter


Inside that hardened leather shell.

The soft velvet underbelly.


It’s hard to look,

For there’s no telling what will be found.

A lost penny,

Some crumbs:

You hope to find something.


You feel inside.

So fragile,

Already cut in several places,

Sewn up.

The once pristine softness has faded.

And you forget,

How smooth it once felt.


A time it never had stiches,

And you were glad to carry it.




The Caged Bird – Why Humans Baffle Me

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by John Carpenter

The first thing I couldn’t understand about this world was birds. More precisely, why it’s in our nature to cage them.

At five years old, I went to a zoo for owls with my primary school. I don’t remember the name of the zoo, or where it was, I hardly remember my teacher’s name or appearance. However, I distinctly remember seeing Barn and Snowy owls in small enclosures. They were beautiful and the curvature on their face, mesmeric. We even got to pet them, which for a five-year-old, is a VERY big deal. Unlike many things from early childhood, the image has stayed in my mind to this day. Had they not been caged, I’d have never seen owls so up close in person. I wouldn’t have one of my earliest memories. Yet, is a moment of beauty in my memory worth a lifetime of confinement that those birds endure? That is a question that never went through my mind as a child, I was just happy to look at the pretty birds. Continue reading