The Mysterious Case of the Moving Attic Door in Apartment Ninety-Seven (An Ongoing Investigation)

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(A True Story.)

A little over five months ago, I moved into student accommodation in Dunaras Student Village, Galway. My apartment is shared with three other lads on the third floor. After one month, my housemates and I noticed something extraordinary. One morning, our attic door, which none of us had paid any real attention to, was wide open.

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The 5 Easy Steps to Make A New Kick-Ass Blog on WordPress


Step One)

THE NAME– Every Blog needs a name. Once you make your domain name, it becomes very hard to change. CHOOSE WISELY. This is the hardest step; the first usually is.

Myself and fellow blogger/friend Caoimhe found that out the long way one night. For instance, if you want to call your blog after an animal fact like Caoimhe did, tread carefully; “Dolphins Are Mammals” and “Hummingbirds Fly Backwards” are already taken. Thus, we finally settled with “The Thinking Wombat”. You can check out her blog here-  Caoimhe’s blog

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The Antipoem

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I am the antipoet,
I have no time to Rhyme.
Nor do I long for Rhythm
Or Structure- and- the like.

I am the antipoet,
Repetition and Refrain bore me,
So much so that I must now repeat how
Repetition and Refrain bore me.

I am the antipoet,
As I care more for the Kardashians,
Than I do for Kant.

I am the antipoet,
As I write this on my phone
And not by quill under candlelight.

I am the antipoet,
As I will not spend days writing this,
Minutes will suffice.
I shall not let my hours go amiss,
For I have Facebook to tend to and Instagram to scroll through.

I am the antipoet,
As I hate the very word.

I am the antipoet,
As I would never- in all certainty,
Write a poem of glee.
For in today’s modern world,
How foolish would that be?

Disclaimer: I wrote this at 3a.m when I couldn't sleep

Should You Watch Black Mirror?


Before you watch this series, ask yourself these five simple questions:

  1. Do you mind feeling highly disturbed for days on end? YES/NO
  2. Do like surprises? Even bad ones? YES/NO
  3. Do you not get easily attached to actors and plot lines? YES/NO
  4. Are you somewhat worried/interested by technologies rapid progression? YES/NO
  5. Did you like Ex Machina? YES/NO

If mainly “YES”, keep reading. If not, leave; carry on with your life as if nothing happened.

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Making it in Music: My Interview with Andrew Belle


His Spotify has over a million monthly listeners. His YouTube account has over 13 million views. His songs have featured in such acclaimed dramas as “Grey’s Anatomy”, “90210”, “The Vampire Diaries”, “Pretty Little Liars” and much more. It’s safe to say that American singer/songwriter Andrew Belle, has made it in the breakneck world that is the music industry. But just how did Andrew prevail where so many before him have failed? I spoke with him over Skype to find out.

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My First Sit-Com (Pilot)

Foreword: The name of the sit-com is still undecided. At the end of the script I’ll be putting a list of names for the show which are still in the running. I would appreciate it tenfold if you let me know which best suits the show as I can’t pick one for the life of me.


A twenty-something-year-old man wakes up in a hospital reception. However, this hospital reception is not a hospital reception at all, but the loading bay for heaven. Once entering heaven Vince, like everyone, receives one thing, a videotape of his life- the condensed highlights of it. He is expected to watch the tape and have an interview in three months’ time to decide if he’s a better man than the one he was when he died. Unlike everyone else, Vince refuses to watch his tape. All the while he makes a misfit band of newfound friends all coming to terms with their prior lives. (At this point, Vince does not yet know his name).

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From Venetian Rail Strikes to Paul Rudd: My Weekend in Trieste, Venice and Treviso!


It’s important to note that I write this heavily sleep deprived thanks to Ryanair’s inconvenient flight times. The three-hour trip I had to make to make it for my flight this morning didn’t help either. Apologies if this makes no sense, I’m currently trying to keep myself from just collapsing on the couch. If there are numerous mistakes, at least I (and Grammarly) tried.

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The Last Will & Testament of Vance Garrison


Inspired by the music video for “Simple Song” by The Shins.

(Short Story)

The Garrisons were no ordinary family. It seemed odd to even call them one. Sure, they lived in the same house, shared many of the same genes, and even ate the same evening meal. Still, they lacked one of the primary characteristics of any family: communication. Thus, they lacked that all-important sense of community. They also lacked the building blocks of any good household, the communal watching of “The Walking Dead” every Saturday night.

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“Eight Years” – A Very Christmassy Short Story


On a cold crisp night, four prior to Christmas, I found myself walking the usual route home after work through my beloved Grafton Street. Shops were closing as people hurried to buy last-minute gifts for their loved ones and buskers were quick to pounce on this seasonal generosity. I gave into the hysteria, throwing one a 50c coin I had leftover from lunch. Christmas comes but once a year I suppose.

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