The Antipoem

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I am the antipoet,
I have no time to Rhyme.
Nor do I long for Rhythm
Or Structure- and- the like.

I am the antipoet,
Repetition and Refrain bore me,
So much so that I must now repeat how
Repetition and Refrain bore me.

I am the antipoet,
As I care more for the Kardashians,
Than I do for Kant.

I am the antipoet,
As I write this on my phone
And not by quill under candlelight.

I am the antipoet,
As I will not spend days writing this,
Minutes will suffice.
I shall not let my hours go amiss,
For I have Facebook to tend to and Instagram to scroll through.

I am the antipoet,
As I hate the very word.

I am the antipoet,
As I would never- in all certainty,
Write a poem of glee.
For in today’s modern world,
How foolish would that be?

Disclaimer: I wrote this at 3a.m when I couldn't sleep