My First Sit-Com (Pilot)

Foreword: The name of the sit-com is still undecided. At the end of the script I’ll be putting a list of names for the show which are still in the running. I would appreciate it tenfold if you let me know which best suits the show as I can’t pick one for the life of me.


A twenty-something-year-old man wakes up in a hospital reception. However, this hospital reception is not a hospital reception at all, but the loading bay for heaven. Once entering heaven Vince, like everyone, receives one thing, a videotape of his life- the condensed highlights of it. He is expected to watch the tape and have an interview in three months’ time to decide if he’s a better man than the one he was when he died. Unlike everyone else, Vince refuses to watch his tape. All the while he makes a misfit band of newfound friends all coming to terms with their prior lives. (At this point, Vince does not yet know his name).

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