Topical Tropical- Episode One: SPACE (New Weekly Podcast)

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Since my first day at NUIG, I’ve always wanted to join the student radio station on-campus, FLIRT FM. To make this dream a reality, I joined forces with two of my friends, Alice Cunningham and Caoimhe Ní Fhaoláin and set about making a show. Tomorrow at precisely 2pm, our first episode (which we recorded this week), will be played throughout Galway and on the Flirt FM website. Our show, Topical Tropical is a music/chat show which centres around a new theme each week. It’s doesn’t take itself too seriously and is the perfect listening for those times you might find yourself ironing a shirt, sipping a cup of tea, or merely lazing about in bed as I spend most of my life.

I thought I’d share the episode with you early since I simply cannot wait the sixteen hours till airplay, nor are most of my readers residents of Galway City or indeed, Ireland. Without further adieu, I present to you: our very first episode. (Please leave any feedback for the show in the comments, we’d love to hear it).