The Mysterious Case of the Moving Attic Door in Apartment Ninety-Seven (An Ongoing Investigation)

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(A True Story.)

A little over five months ago, I moved into student accommodation in Dunaras Student Village, Galway. My apartment is shared with three other lads on the third floor. After one month, my housemates and I noticed something extraordinary. One morning, our attic door, which none of us had paid any real attention to, was wide open.

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The 5 Easy Steps to Make A New Kick-Ass Blog on WordPress


Step One)

THE NAME– Every Blog needs a name. Once you make your domain name, it becomes very hard to change. CHOOSE WISELY. This is the hardest step; the first usually is.

Myself and fellow blogger/friend Caoimhe found that out the long way one night. For instance, if you want to call your blog after an animal fact like Caoimhe did, tread carefully; “Dolphins Are Mammals” and “Hummingbirds Fly Backwards” are already taken. Thus, we finally settled with “The Thinking Wombat”. You can check out her blog here-  Caoimhe’s blog

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But John, Why The Blog!?


Well lonesome internet wanderer, I’ll tell you why. 

As a student of Creative Writing in NUIG, it is quite feasible that I will remain forever unemployed. Thus, if I am to make it in this breakneck world of literary media- I must have a platform! Also, it will serve as a digital hive for my various works. I hope the immense pressure and anxiety associated with sharing with you will encourage me to write less shittily and grow as an author.I would greatly appreciate feedback if there is any you wish to give, good or bad. All work will remain free to read, all I ask is that if you like my work… you’ll buy my burrrrk.

*Burrrrk- Book (But goddammit is burrrrk fun to say, AND it rhymes).