From Venetian Rail Strikes to Paul Rudd: My Weekend in Trieste, Venice and Treviso!


It’s important to note that I write this heavily sleep deprived thanks to Ryanair’s inconvenient flight times. The three-hour trip I had to make to make it for my flight this morning didn’t help either. Apologies if this makes no sense, I’m currently trying to keep myself from just collapsing on the couch. If there are numerous mistakes, at least I (and Grammarly) tried.

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The Last Will & Testament of Vance Garrison


Inspired by the music video for “Simple Song” by The Shins.

(Short Story)

The Garrisons were no ordinary family. It seemed odd to even call them one. Sure, they lived in the same house, shared many of the same genes, and even ate the same evening meal. Still, they lacked one of the primary characteristics of any family: communication. Thus, they lacked that all-important sense of community. They also lacked the building blocks of any good household, the communal watching of “The Walking Dead” every Saturday night.

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“Eight Years” – A Very Christmassy Short Story


On a cold crisp night, four prior to Christmas, I found myself walking the usual route home after work through my beloved Grafton Street. Shops were closing as people hurried to buy last-minute gifts for their loved ones and buskers were quick to pounce on this seasonal generosity. I gave into the hysteria, throwing one a 50c coin I had leftover from lunch. Christmas comes but once a year I suppose.

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But John, Why The Blog!?


Well lonesome internet wanderer, I’ll tell you why. 

As a student of Creative Writing in NUIG, it is quite feasible that I will remain forever unemployed. Thus, if I am to make it in this breakneck world of literary media- I must have a platform! Also, it will serve as a digital hive for my various works. I hope the immense pressure and anxiety associated with sharing with you will encourage me to write less shittily and grow as an author.I would greatly appreciate feedback if there is any you wish to give, good or bad. All work will remain free to read, all I ask is that if you like my work… you’ll buy my burrrrk.

*Burrrrk- Book (But goddammit is burrrrk fun to say, AND it rhymes).