Women’s March on Washington: I Interview One of The Million Marchers

Yesterday, on the 21st of January, over one million people took to the streets of Downtown Washington DC to protest Donald Trump’s first full day as President. Today, I was lucky enough to interview one of the protesters at the Washington Women’s March, which attracted protesters from all over America, and indeed, the world.

Due to the cataclysmic shitstorm that 2016 was, there was much to protest than just the inauguration of Donald Trump alone. Issues such as women’s rights, immigration reform, and LGBTQ rights, workers’ issues, Black Lives Matter, and environmental issues were all raised at the march. It wasn’t just in Washington DC where people raised their voices either, as several million attended one of the 673 marches worldwide. Closer to home, protests were carried out in both Dublin and Galway.

Morgan Duling, a good friend of mine, was at the historic march in Washington DC. I spoke with her to hear her thoughts on the event and to gain a better sense of what it was like to be among the million. Continue reading


My Investigation Continues…


Two days ago, we finally worked up the nerve to investigate the attic. The thought of looking a stranger in the eye as we pulled the door open was reason enough to leave it for so long. But you can’t shy away from fears forever, or so my Disney-Channel filled upbringing has taught me.

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The Mysterious Case of the Moving Attic Door in Apartment Ninety-Seven (An Ongoing Investigation)

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(A True Story.)

A little over five months ago, I moved into student accommodation in Dunaras Student Village, Galway. My apartment is shared with three other lads on the third floor. After one month, my housemates and I noticed something extraordinary. One morning, our attic door, which none of us had paid any real attention to, was wide open.

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The 5 Easy Steps to Make A New Kick-Ass Blog on WordPress


Step One)

THE NAME– Every Blog needs a name. Once you make your domain name, it becomes very hard to change. CHOOSE WISELY. This is the hardest step; the first usually is.

Myself and fellow blogger/friend Caoimhe found that out the long way one night. For instance, if you want to call your blog after an animal fact like Caoimhe did, tread carefully; “Dolphins Are Mammals” and “Hummingbirds Fly Backwards” are already taken. Thus, we finally settled with “The Thinking Wombat”. You can check out her blog here-  Caoimhe’s blog

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The Antipoem

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I am the antipoet,
I have no time to Rhyme.
Nor do I long for Rhythm
Or Structure- and- the like.

I am the antipoet,
Repetition and Refrain bore me,
So much so that I must now repeat how
Repetition and Refrain bore me.

I am the antipoet,
As I care more for the Kardashians,
Than I do for Kant.

I am the antipoet,
As I write this on my phone
And not by quill under candlelight.

I am the antipoet,
As I will not spend days writing this,
Minutes will suffice.
I shall not let my hours go amiss,
For I have Facebook to tend to and Instagram to scroll through.

I am the antipoet,
As I hate the very word.

I am the antipoet,
As I would never- in all certainty,
Write a poem of glee.
For in today’s modern world,
How foolish would that be?

Disclaimer: I wrote this at 3a.m when I couldn't sleep