My Investigation Continues…


Two days ago, we finally worked up the nerve to investigate the attic. The thought of looking a stranger in the eye as we pulled the door open was reason enough to leave it for so long. But you can’t shy away from fears forever, or so my Disney-Channel filled upbringing has taught me.

The height of the door in comparison to the oddly low furniture had us wondering if management brought low chairs to prevent anyone from trying to get up into the attic. The only feasible way we could think of reaching the elusive threshold. However, we soon abandoned this MacGyver plot when we realised we could simply record footage using our phones to record video. It meant we couldn’t get into the attic ourselves but at least we could see into it. At this point, that was enough.

We had to look for signs that someone was living up there. I wasn’t expecting to find anything of real significance, hoping to find reassurance that some my more radicle prior guesses were, in fact, wrong. Our video, although somewhat inconclusive, showed that our attic was uninhabited, at least at that time. This quelled some of our nerves.

I can’t link the video as I don’t have a premium account (goddamn money grabbing WordPress) but I can briefly describe it for you. The attic is the size of a small room and has a low roof. The ground is speckled with patches of insulation and stray pieces of wood from the roof. It looked relatively uninhabitable. Thus, I think it more likely that someone is merely moving the door but not going up to the room itself. Unless, of course, the culprit is the “Stay Puft” Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters and the so-called “insulation” being his white fluffy remains that he left behind on his latest departure from the attic. Perhaps he’s frequently away on business trips. This would explain his long periods of absence from the apartment. Alas, only a taste of the stuff could truly rule out the hypothesis, something I think I’ll leave for the time being until our desperation has reached a level on par with that of a sweaty twelve-year-old boy out to get his first shift at a junior disco.

So, now that we’ve investigated the attic, I guess there’s not much else we can do, but wait and see if the attic door inexplicably opens once more. Stay tuned for more announcements as the case of the mysterious attic door unfolds. Like the attic door itself, I’m hoping to blow this case wide open!

Think you have an idea which could help my investigation? Let me know in the comments.



4 thoughts on “My Investigation Continues…

  1. I suggest talcum powder under where the door is and follow those dusty footprints to the culprit. Or… If there are no footprints and the door is still open, then you have irrefutable evidence of otherworldly tenants. A strong case for getting your rent reduced after you have divided amongst the extra residents!

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