The Mysterious Case of the Moving Attic Door in Apartment Ninety-Seven (An Ongoing Investigation)

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(A True Story.)

A little over five months ago, I moved into student accommodation in Dunaras Student Village, Galway. My apartment is shared with three other lads on the third floor. After one month, my housemates and I noticed something extraordinary. One morning, our attic door, which none of us had paid any real attention to, was wide open.

At first, we thought it was just a prank. It wasn’t. None of us moved that door and considering it could only be opened by standing on a kitchen chair, it would be hard not to hear someone performing the act as the attic door is located on the hallway where all our bedrooms situated. As strange as it was, soon we forgot about the mysterious case of the attic door.

This was until yesterday morning, when, believe it or not, it happened again. WHO ON EARTH WAS CONTINUING TO OPEN OUR ATTIC DOOR? This question has plagued us all. Thus, I’ve set out to find the culprit. Not being able to afford a camera, it’s going to be hard. However, I’ve narrowed down the search to three prime suspects.

  1. The Wind
  2. A Squatter or Small Family of Squatters
  3. The Dunaras Security Guard, Alex from Siberia

So far, I don’t have much to go on but my fiery intent to catch this attic door delinquent, and the help of my three fellow housemates. The next step is to investigate the attic itself, which we’re yet to venture to, in the hope of finding clues, or perhaps, THE CULPRIT!

(To be continued…)

P.S. I’m only realising I wrote this on Friday 13th now, how eerie.

9 thoughts on “The Mysterious Case of the Moving Attic Door in Apartment Ninety-Seven (An Ongoing Investigation)

      1. Well, firstly the title is totally epic, I was hooked even before I set eyes on the story. Plus, you made me laugh, which is always a winner as far as I’m concerned. Love the little mysteries woven: the kitchen chair, the apparently innocent flatmates, Alex from Siberia. You have a very authentic way of writing, it’s almost like a friendship.

        Liked by 1 person

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