The 5 Easy Steps to Make A New Kick-Ass Blog on WordPress


Step One)

THE NAME– Every Blog needs a name. Once you make your domain name, it becomes very hard to change. CHOOSE WISELY. This is the hardest step; the first usually is.

Myself and fellow blogger/friend Caoimhe found that out the long way one night. For instance, if you want to call your blog after an animal fact like Caoimhe did, tread carefully; “Dolphins Are Mammals” and “Hummingbirds Fly Backwards” are already taken. Thus, we finally settled with “The Thinking Wombat”. You can check out her blog here-  Caoimhe’s blog

Step Two)

GETTING STARTED– Go onto and click “Get Started”. After which, you’ll want to click the “a list of my latest posts” option. It makes it look neater and is better for blogging in my opinion. Here it will ask you to choose a theme. Yet again, CHOOSE WISELY. I personally went for “Penscratch” because it’s clear and basic, like myself. You can change the theme at any point. For more options, see click here- More Ideas

Step Three)

MAKING IT LOOK GOOD– Click on “customise” and all the widgets you want to the sidebar. This can include things like a click-counter, a link to your Twitter, links to your posts as well as monthly archives of your work. Next, you’ll need a nice Header Image. Make it stand out as it’s the first thing people will likely see on your blog.

Step Four)

WRITE- Whatever you want, whenever you want. Some prefer a schedule whilst others prefer to post randomly. I post whenever I’ve a decent enough idea to write, which isn’t all that often,

Step Five)

SHARE– If you have a Facebook or Twitter, share it. Also, find blogs you like by searching things that are interesting to you. As my blog is predominately a creative writing one, I follow predominately creative writers.

P.S When all this dealt with, you can sit back and use the “stats” section to see how views are doing and which countries are viewing daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. I hope this helped on your blog beginnings. Simply click the link below and let the creative juices flow. GOOD LUCK.


3 thoughts on “The 5 Easy Steps to Make A New Kick-Ass Blog on WordPress

  1. John, thanks for the follow! Interesting facts about you! My favorite book is “The Little Prince,” too! Couldn’t leave a comment on your About page. Good WordPress Blog tips. I still have the free version, and think I’ll stick with that until I finish and publish the book(s). Happy Sunday! Christine

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